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How we produce

At King Juice, we are not just bottling fruit juices into concentrates. We farm too, though not literally, but we work closely with our suppliers to receive the freshest possible fruits for all our products. Hence, even if it means getting our hands dirty, we will do it. We love the fact that we are able to handpick the source of our fruits. Well, no pain, no gain. Yet we like to think that with that little pain, there is a greater gain.

We love this stage the most. Not because we get to literally strip the fruits off their original state, but simply because we enjoy the process of giving each and every fruit what we call the ''Extreme Make-Over''. King Juice strive for minimal additional to the nature of all juices, hence very little is actually added to King Juice concentrate. Reason for this is simple, our aim is to deliver to consumers juices that taste just the way they are and the manufacturing process is mostly about the removal of un-needed substances.

When all that is needed to be done at the factory gets completed, our friendly deliveryman will work round the clock to ensure that we maintain a regular and non-disruptive supply of King Juice concentrate to all our consumers. So, the next time you have a glass of King Juice, recall reading this information and just remember that as you slip on the juice, we keep the supply flowing.

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